Friday, October 21, 2011

Grow Long and Prosper: The Hair Edition

Friday evenings are solely dedicated to rewarding my hair for a week's long manipulation. I pamper my kinky tresses in some concoction of whatever conditioner mix, oil, hair mask I've got laying around. When I'm feeling a lil fancy, I'll pick up an avocado to blend into a hair smoothie (which quickly becomes too irresistibly yummy not to ingest~add a banana and it's BLISS). Now that I've revealed how incredibly bland most Friday nights are for me, I can let you in on the solo fun I had today after my visit to the local indian store. I picked up the main stuffs of the deep conditioner mix- henna powder and brahmi for $3
soooo cheap. 
I  henna when I feel my hair is just BLaghhh. When I shed long strands and my hair gets noticeably thinner. I make the henna mix (brahmi powder + jamila henna + cooled tea + coconut oil) in a bowl over a newspaper, apply it through my hair in 4 sections and leave it on overnight tight in plastic bags to prevent stains on my bed. (I also get a large plastic bag to cut open and tape on my pillow to make sure ther are no leaks) I  wash the mix out the next morning under high pressure warm water, co-wash with an entire bottle of 99 cent conditioner (v05-strawberries and cream) and comb through. After drying, my hair looks and smells awesome. Rejuvenation complete...Aaaah!

Here's some pictures detailing the process.
Henna + Brahmi powders emptied into a mixing bowl

Cooled mint tea       +


      Note:  I wore gloves to apply the goop (hehe) to my hair. the stuff can get messy if it's too watery.


I'll post the results tomorrow after I wash it out. I hope you guys are interested enough to try. I know alot about it, so leave any questions you have!  I'll leave you with a song that I really dig. It's quite fitting.

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  1. Sorry this isn't about henna but I'm in love with your hair! Lol please could you post your regimen? Also is your hair natural or texturized?