Friday, April 29, 2011

Shorts & Stripes

     So I've been into this whole shorts and a tank outfit mode. Gives off that pretty woman feel.

                                                          xoxo JOJO

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friends and Paint

Hey guys! so today we all decided to do some painting and express some ahem**creativity** and most importantly enjoy the fresh air.

It was so relaxing. It was almost like when you were young and had no inhibitions, so you were free to be silly and carefree.

My Masterpiece

Ivie drew me and I loved it! I am going to hang it somewhere.

 azza is a real oddfuture fan *freeearlsweatshirt*

We didn't want to leave any white spaces so we painted over them. I swear this is something anyone can find on the walls of a Starbucks, or just wishful thinking.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moment In the Sun

Sometimes you have to take a moment out of life to just lay down and forget about everything.

Abby took these lovely pictures of us and they came out alot better than i expected.

The red dress is from BCBG and the blue dress is from French Connections.

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Temple Tresses

Stay where you are

Ivie and i live like a few blocks apart so i know she's always up for a ride when i'm bored.

This was just another bored day.
we don't have anything special on... just comfrotable clothes and head scafs cause our hair was just out of control that day

We went riding and Abby's bike went flat !!!!

see ya

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Utilizing Breaks

Hey guys! So instead of studying for my exam, I decided to goof around and take some pics. Its good to just stop and capture life once in a while.

Temple University Fashion Spotlight

Who: Calah Bullard
Calah is actually our friend and she looked so nice in her summery dress that we had to do a spotlight on her.

Take a ride with us

Happy easter everyone

something and i Ivie and i love to do it Long board... i wouldn't say we're pros at it but hey we're not bad. hehe

I feel like this sport isn't really popular, i'm not sure why cause it's so fun!

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Campus Living

So we came to school and hung out with our buddies Malc and Verb. After lounging for a bit, we meet up with some film majors filming a video and watched them for a little while. We ended up goofing around for the rest of the day. We had fun doing a whole bunch o nothing that day.