Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A few of my favorite healthy things

Here are a list of my favorite natural and affordable products for hair and body that I order at Vitacost.com
*Giovanni Direct Leave In : This is the first leave in I've tried and I instantly fell in love at first application. It's lightweight and moisturizing for my 4a hair. This product has all natural ingredients with no sulfates or parabens. Giovanni has other conditioners that are more or less moisturizing depending on your hair type. For kinkier 4 b, c hair, I would suggest the Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture conditioner for daily use. For finer 3c hair I would suggest the 50/50 daily conditioner. Cost: $4.87
*Castor Oil (8oz) : This is a really thick oil that I primarily use for growing my edges or sealing the ends of my hair. I love that this oil does not clog up my scalp, but instead soaks right in and even gives it a clean feeling. I also enhance lotions and shampoos that I have with castor oil for more moisture and it's thickening properties! I know it's also ingested for it's laxative effect but Ive never used it for that. Cost: $3.85
*Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar I love apple cider vinegar as a clarifying hair rinse. I find that the rinse (1 part ACV to 10 parts water) makes my scalp so fresh and so clean and removes any product buildup on my hair. I even prefer the rinse over shampooing my hair! It also restores the pH of your hair which means that products and treatments work better after the rinse. The result is supple, lightweight hair and a clean scalp which is crucial for hair growth. Cost: $2.53
*One With Nature: Dead Sea Mineral Lemon Verbana Soap This is a HUGE bar of soap that lathers well, smells so lemony and lasts forever. The coarse salt works as a gentle exfoliater while the lemon soap cleanses and finally the shea butter in the soap moisturizes your skin. This soap is all natural and doesn't leave a residue and isn't drying. I look forward to showering all the more because of it. Cost: $2.91
*Alvera All natural Roll-on Aloe and Almonds Deodarant This is my favorite deodorant EVER! It is all natural (largely made of Aloe Vera Juice), works well at holding back sweat and smells so good. I switched to all natural deodorant after I researched the effects of aluminum in mainstream deodarants. Researchers have found that aluminum was present in most Breast Cancer tissue! The deodorant you use daily so closely to your breast contains chemicals that increase your chance of getting breast cancer. I like my titties and will do a small thing like switch deodorants to keep them. I keep coming back Alvera Aloe and Almonds because it is too awesome as a healthy alternative. Cost: $2.48
* Nature's Way Organic Aloe Vera Juice (33.8 fl oz) I use Aloe Vera in my hair spritz to revive my hair if it's dry. It's also effective in cooling burns! This one lasts for ever, Ive made at least 10 spray bottle's full already and have yet to finish the bottle. Cost: $5.48
*Vegatable Glycerin I use this in my hair spritz. It draws moisture to the hair and also is what makes my hair easier to detangle! Cost: $4.23
*Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly I love the ingredients in this! It contains no clogging petroleum, but instead has good stuff like castor oil and coconut oil in its place and maintains the thick consistency of petroleum jelly. I love this stuff and consider it all purpose just like TYRA! I use it for any dry spot on my body, sealing the ends of my hair and moisturizing dry lips. Cost: $2.72
*Natural Sea Sponge Loofah This loofah is the business. Best Exfoliater EVER!! It scrubs off all dead skin and leaves my skin so smooth! It's a bit hard to handle, but once you get the hang of it, it'll be worth it for the baby soft skin. Cost: $1.23 Vitacost has sooooo much more stuff like supplements, food products, essential oils, makeup, etc. Their shipping is super fast and the items are packaged so safely so they don't spill! I recommend you use the $10 off to try this stuff out, you won't be disappointed. In fact, you're body and hair will thank you for it! http://www.vitacost.com/Referee?wlsrc=rsReferral&ReferralCode=90507691


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