Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 Tresses

Hi guys
So we finally got a chance to take some pictures together.
It was so nice outside figured we might as well spend it in the park.

Temple Tresses


  1. love it! Jo luv that necklace!

  2. Such natural beauties! I absolutely love to see black women embracing their natural selves. Continue doing your thing!

  3. Well hell fire, save matches, f$%k a duck and see what hatches.

  4. Dear lady in blue corset and black leggings, i dnt knw ur name but I love ur hair. How did u get it to look like dat? i mean dat style of dreads. I'm abt to start my natural hair jorney and thats d look im aiming for and a lil worried my hair mite nt turn out dat way. thanks.