Monday, May 9, 2011

Foreign lands, Acoustic jams, and Street Shows

I love stripped down acoustic versions of songs. Watching my favorite bands jammin' out in their element gives me life and I especially adore recorded jam sessions and spur of the moment performances. When its not corporate sponsored, artists and bands just let go and experiment with their songs (if you've ever seen the roots live, you know what I mean~guitar solo swag) which makes me love them even more. Outside the constraints of a stage, street shows allow a performer to broadcast their improvisational skills and creativity. Here are a few of my favorite websites for "unplugged" performances: 

I'd like to extend a hefty thanks and virtual hug to the people who make La Blogotheque's take away shows possible. Quality video, sound, locations based in le grand Paris and an ear for great up and coming musicians. And Free! Need I say more? Here's Zach Cordon of Beirut killen shit. Good god, his voice.

This find is a result of early morning music hunting. This early bird surely got the worm. Burberry Acoustics fulfills everything I've ever wanted with acoustic music + visuals and it's based in the UK. Ultra win! The combo of great vocals, cool hair, foggy forests and Brit accents makes this an instant love.  

One of my favorite duo's ever is the xx. They stop by Amsterdam Acoustics and do the damn thing. Note their chemistry and the cool vocal overlap towards the end OOH WEE. Fire. A full post on these two UK cats soon.

When ever I'm in a musical drought, and I'm tired of listening to the same stuff, I check these blogs/sites first and I'm never disappointed. How do you guys feel about live music?

Sidenote: I'm noticing that the three that I've mentioned are all located in Europe. Why isn't any one capturing street performances in the states?

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