Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moment In the Sun

Sometimes you have to take a moment out of life to just lay down and forget about everything.

Abby took these lovely pictures of us and they came out alot better than i expected.

The red dress is from BCBG and the blue dress is from French Connections.

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Temple Tresses


  1. OK, I just discovered your blog, its great. I am looking at the pictures thinking, wow that looks like my neighborhood??? Then I read more and you talk about Philly and being students at Temple U, (I am a TU (grad) Alumni) small world!
    Looking forward to future posts!!!!

  2. You girls are absolutely beautiful :)

  3. i lOVE LOVE LOVE the black dress!!! it looks comfy and can be made formal or casual!

    Seen you fashionable hunnies on Abbys blog, thought id check ya owttt!!!

    Visit me and my bestie at :

    ADDED YA! see ya soon

  4. Hi please what weave did azza use in this picture?