Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to: get mos def on the radio?

Variety is basically non-existent on the radio. The song's might appear different but they're pretty much the same formula fitted to make hip hop, rock, country songs sound more pop-ish. It's all radio filler masquerading as music. These so called artists don't do anything creative. You know why? They don't make SHIT..... but in a sense they do make "shitty" know what i mean....
I search for live versions of songs because they reveal if a musician is actually talented or just an auto-tuned, studio enhanced artist. Studio equipment & software can do wonders yall! It could make Ben stein the clear eyes guy
sound like MF'in Luther Vandross 
and we've already witnessed the success of too many d-list "singers" (i.e. rihanna, chris brown, t-pain, etc) to question it's deceptive powers. 
Let me weigh in on the reward system in the music industry. It's mega twisted! The crumby artists (Justin beiber) with recording deals and all the marketing dollars get the most recognition and all the media/public love. Meanwhile, people with actual talent (Mos def) are slept on and don't get the exposure they deserve. 
 (revel in the glory that is the mighty mos def)
Record sales and spins (radio plays) are no true measure of artistry. That's what I tell people who come at me with the whole this or that artist is hot because they sold a million records. To me, you've only told me that a million people are stupid. 

This is the main reason why I bang with live music because it lets me point out swizzy style 'Whos phony & Who's fake'. Once the smoke and cameras disappear, live performances absolutely showcase an artists vocal talent, creativity or lack thereof.

The brightside is, because of independent, music centered blogs and the internet, good music is easier to find and becoming way more popular/visible. Really cool bands and musicians have been poppin up all over the map and there's not enough time in the day to appreciate them all. Next post, I'm posting some gems I've found while music hunting. Rant mode over!



  2. i'm not stupid because i'm a fan of rihanna or anyone else you dont think is talented. people have the right to like who they like. ur right, more talented people should be played on the radio more but who's fault is that. if the song/artis is not requested, they dont get played. have more respect towards people who have different tastes from you.